Most Popular Top 50 Arabic Movies of All Time

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The Arabic movies that we see are majorly Egyptian movies. There are many festivals happening in the Arab world where they portray Arabic movies. People love to watch different stories and films and the Arabic films majorly portray the life of Arabs. Arab film makers come up with beautiful Arabic movies which are shown in these festivals. It is not only conducted in Dubai but also in Algeria. We keep watching Bollywood and Hollywood movies from time to time. People who love to explore movies and want to study in detail about the different genres can take the Arabic genre and watch Arabic movies and learn many things about the Arab culture.

Top 10 Arabic Movies List 2015Every culture is different and diverse in its own way and movies help in giving knowledge about diverse culture. The actors in Arabic movies are majorly Arabs and people who want to know in details about the Arab culture must surely watch these movies.

Top 10 Arabic Movies List 2015 New Releases

01. Habbet Loulou (2013)
02. Villa 69 (2013)
03. Omar (2013)
04. The Attack (2012)
05. Horses of God (2012)
06. My Last Valentine in Beirut in 3D (2012)
07. Winter of Discontent (2012)
08. After the Battle (2012)
09. Coming Forth by Day (2012)
10. When I Saw You (2012)

Top 20 Best Arabic Movies Ever

11. Rogue Assassin (2012)
12. 365 Days of Happiness (2011)
13. Where Do We Go Now? (2011)
14. The Source (2011)
15. Bolbol Hayran (2010)
16. Dancing Arabs (2014)
17. Assal Eswed (2010)
18. The Time that Remains (2009)
19. Escaping Tel Aviv (2009)
20. City of Life (2009)

Most Popular Arabic Movies

21. Alf Mabrouk (2009)
22. Aasef ala el-izag (2008)
23. Hassan wa Morcus (2008)
24. The Wedding Song (2008)
25. Andaleeb AlDokki (2008)
26. Keda Reda (2007)
27. Morgan Ahmed Morgan (2007)
28. Rash Boy Dreams (2007)
29. Captain Abu Raed (2007)
30. Fi shaket Masr El Gedeeda (2007)

The film festivals that are conducted for these movies appreciate film makers and movies in the end. Awards for best Arabic movies are given away in these festivals. Latest Arabic movies once again are silent adventure flicks, thrillers, suspense, fighting and many more. Some movies also portray the history of the Arabic culture.

Famous Arabic Movies

31. The Island (2007)
32. She Made Me a Criminal (2006)
33. Valley of the Wolves: Iraq (2006)
34. Private Alexandria (2005)
35. The Gazelle’s Blood (2005)
36. The Embassy in the Building (2005)
37. Paradise Now (2005)
38. Abo el arabi wasal (2005)
39. El hasa el sabaa (2005)
40. Ya ana ya khalty (2005)

Top 50 Arabic Movies of all time

41. El basha telmiz (2004)
42. Fool el seen el azeem (2004)
43. The Best of Times (2004)
44. A Groom from the Security Entity (2004)
45. Khalty Faransa (2004)
46. The Danish Experemint (2003)
47. Sleepless Nights (2003)
48. Harameya fi KG2 (2002)
49. Divorce Attorney (2002)
50. Saeedi in the American University (1998)

The music in Arabic movies is typical Arabic music and the dance is usually belly dancing. In Arab countries this form of dance is very popular. Watching the movies is easy and even if you don’t understand the language you can watch it with the help of subtitles. So if you want to know more about the Arab culture do not miss watching some of the best Arabic movies. They are indeed different and unique from others. So if you get an opportunity to watch Arabic Movies one do not let it go out of hand.

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